Emotional Intelligence at Work

The average person spends almost a quarter of their adult life at work and people work well when they’re happy and content. Feeling worried, stressed, low in mood or generally under the weather results in performance that is under-par, or zero productivity if the person has to take time off.

A business or organisation that is plagued by staff sickness, unhappiness and conflict in the workplace, is a business or organisation that is suffering.

Emotion is creating havoc at work

‘Presentee-ism’, or working while sick, is an invisible loss of productivity which is particularly detrimental in workplaces where the workload is high. Self-esteem is often based on performance, and stigma perhaps prevents people from being open and honest about emotional or mental ill health.

Working under continued stress can lead to a condition called distress, a negative stress reaction that can lead to physical symptoms including headache, stomach upset and digestive problems, chest pain and raised blood pressure. Research suggests that such distress also impairs the body’s immune system and can cause or worsen certain diseases.

The cost of absence due to stress-related illness runs into millions across public and private sectors.

How can Emotion Focus help?

We deliver bespoke, down-to-earth training to small to medium sized businesses and organisations looking to increase the emotional intelligence and wellbeing of their workforce.

We’re not talking Stress Management or Mindfulness exercises, nor do we advocate expensive retreats or team building days. The training delivered by Emotion Focus helps people understand, firstly, the part that emotion plays in inhibiting growth and secondly, the steps to take to raise performance, productivity and their own sense of fulfillment at work.

Emotional Intelligence – Workshops

We use real-life case studies that have a direct application to peoples’ work-lives to ensure that the session content is relevant to current problems or situations potentially being faced by your workforce. The aim is:-

  • to provide a basic understanding of emotion, emotional reactions and interpersonal dynamics at work
  • to enable managers to cultivate Emotional Intelligence, enhance decision-making, build resilience and maximise team performance.

What will the training cover?

  • The relationship between emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • The interplay between emotion, thought and action
  • The impact on the organisation of stress-related illness and conditions
  • Understanding and developing Emotional Intelligence to enable people to work most effectively together

Workshops comprise a balanced programme of presentation, group work, discussion and experiential learning. Content can be tailored to fit your training schedule; we run brief introductory sessions that last 1 to 2 hours or we can deliver full 1 day courses.

Who should attend?

  • Directors, Heads of Department and the senior leadership team; executives and supervisors across the organisation.
  • Your people; anyone who wants to enhance well-being and performance, for themselves, for the team, or both.

Research studies find that leaders who are able to manage emotions well have better business outcomes. There’s also higher levels of energy and performance in workplaces where managers have well-developed emotional intelligence.

If you’d like your staff to be working well in a vibrant work environment that enables performance at a consistent high level, talk to us about partnering with Emotion Focus; the potential value is far greater than the financial cost. 

Emotion Focus makes sense

What Clients say:- 

Emotional Intelligence Workshop: ‘An eye opening, enjoyable and stimulating session’, ‘Great description of a complex subject’, ‘Approachable and interactive’ facilitator style. NHS Leadership Academies

Team Coaching:  ‘skillfully facilitated by a professional coach who understands group dynamics; adds value and strength when it’s essential for people to be pulling together collaboratively

Executive Coaching: “A richly informed, accomplished coach and skilled facilitator of experiential learning, both in one-to-one and group work environments

“Working with Judy always left me with a sense of calm. The sessions enabled me to think in a very focused way, able to plan ahead with greater clarity. I would recommend her as a Coach to anyone who works in a pressurised environment.”  CEO charity sector