Attachment, ACEs and Trauma Informed practice

Attachment is defined as ‘a type of behaviour displayed by children to draw their primary caregiver towards them at moments of need or distress.’ Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) relate to specific categories of circumstances in a child’s environment that can have a negative, life-long impact on physical, psychological and mental health. ACEs are life events that can cause such distress that, without effective support and buffering, can become a traumatic experience.

Emotion Focus provides training for people who have childcare responsibilities in any form, enabling them to become ‘ACE Aware, Attachment Wise and Trauma Informed’ so that they can recognise stress behaviours and help children develop emotional literacy and adapt healthily to challenging life circumstances.

In terms of attachment needs, the training takes account of  the NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines 2015-16 guidelines which state that ‘children who are securely attached have better outcomes than non-securely attached children in social and emotional development, educational achievement and mental health.’

ACE Aware, Attachment Wise & Trauma Informed 

Workshops can be tailored for parents, care-givers, youth workers and providers  of out-of-school activities, as well as bespoke training for teachers and staff in early years, primary and secondary education, colleges and universities. The training includes elements that meet the NICE advice on Attachment in Education, prescribed as:-

  • how attachment difficulties begin and how they can present in children and young people
  • how attachment difficulties affect learning, education and social development
  • understanding the consequences of maltreatment, including trauma
  • how to support children and young people with attachment difficulties

We run brief introductory sessions of 1 to 2 hours or we can deliver full 1 day courses which include realistic case vignettes and strategies to experience in role play.

Learning objectives cover:-

  • definitions of Toxic Stress and categories of ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • how to recognise attachment patterns and emotional difficulties
  • knowledge about the coping strategies children use when feeling overwhelmed due to attachment distress
  • the relationship between emotional dysregulation and mental illness, within a continuum of mental health

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What clients say:-

About the workshop: “Really thought-provoking and mind changing:  This workshop encourages listening with eyes as well as ears. I have a totally different picture now of what to do when there’s disruptive behaviour.”  Primary School Teaching Assistant

A good mix of materials. Really liked it! Very informative and useful”  – Primary school teacher

Has given me a lot to think about approaching behaviour differently”  – Primary teaching assistant

Very helpful hints on how to talk to the child in order to help them”  – Primary school teacher

Enjoyed how knowledgeable you were”  – Nursery School assistant