The movement to create ACE Awareness is rapidly gaining momentum across the UK: Toxic Stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect learning and development, and can be linked to destructive behaviours and medical diseases, as well as emotional problems and mental ill health; in other words stress and adversity in infancy and childhood also predicts susceptibility to heart disease, stroke and other physical health conditions in later life. As a society these long-term behavioural and health implications must surely concern us all.

So, starting in Wilmslow next Tuesday 30th October and Thursday 1st November, and being rolled out to other venues in the North West over the next few months, we’re running these ACE events to raise awareness and promote learning and development. As a 2 hour seminar it’s an ideal introduction to ACE Awareness for professionals in Health and Social Care, Schools, Nurseries, Safeguarding and people who provide support to children and young people in all kinds of settings; also for anyone working with adults in the fields of domestic abuse, suicide prevention, addiction and with the psychological and mental health struggles that present in adulthood, but have strong roots in Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Discover the long-term effects of ACEs and the meaning of ‘Toxic Stress’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Trauma Informed’. Find out what it means to be ‘Attachment Wise’

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