Emotion Focus – A forward-thinking coaching, training and therapy practice led by Judy James, an experienced, professional coach-therapist dedicated to seeing people thrive and feel good. It is a far-reaching approach based on the principles of Emotion Coaching and Emotion Focused Therapies, all of which are relatively short-term in duration yet long-lasting in positive effect.

Judy James

Judy James

“I set up Emotion Focus because I have seen first-hand that mental health can be improved by enabling people to create and maintain good emotional health”

I have more than 20 years experience helping people find positivity and attainment in business, their career and personal relationships; people who simply needed confidence and know-how to achieve something they’ve always longed to do, and now feel that life is more relaxed and fulfilling than it used to be. Their success is testament to the power of the Emotion Focus approach to training, coaching and therapy.

Although I have worked in training roles for many years it wasn’t unitl 2014 that I set up in private practice as a qualified Executive Coach, dual-trained in Emotion Focused Therapy approaches. You can rest assured that my work with you will have all the theoretical and psychological underpinning you’d expect from an advanced practitioner. I specialise in working with people in relationships; relationships within businesses and teams, in partnerships and families, as well as helping people to develop positive, healthy relationships with themselves.

Why work with Emotion Focus

My life’s work has involved observing human interaction. Emotion is my passion, that’s why I’ve studied the neurobiology and neuropsychology of social and emotional engagement to understand the nuances of the human condition. 

Whether it is through training, or a process of coaching or therapy, I provide educative interventions that transform emotion to bring about real lasting change in relationships and well-being.

Emotion Focus makes sense